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Threaded Ball Valves

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What Is It?

Threaded Ball Valves are mounted using threaded connections. They come with a ball-diameter ranging from DN 6 to DN 25 and can perform up to a pressure of PN 100. RMG by Honeywell offers three products in this category:

KOC – A bi-directional ball valve with full bore that consists of a steel body and two screwed connection pieces.
KOZ – A ball valve which is mounted with the tension rings in any position according to standard PN ISO 8434 -1.
KOM – A bi-directional ball valve with one screwed connection piece.
These products are ideal for the gas industry and can be used across a wide range of applications such as gas terminals, natural gas production and gas storage facilities. They offer high degree of safety, reliability, performance and long life under harsh conditions.

How Does It Work?

The Threaded Ball Valves are bi-directional with full bore and can be mounted with the spherical-conical joint in any position. The valve is connected to the pipeline using the screwed connection pieces. The valve spindle meets anti-blow-out requirements and is mounted inside the body with a set of sealing materials. The balls of these valves are of the “floating” type and sit between the sealing rings, which are located in the body, partially in the connection piece. These balls come with outstanding surface finish. The applied engineering solutions guarantee the long-term service life of these valves , even in harsh environments.

What Problems Does It Solve?

In applications such as gas terminals, the installation space for a valve is restricted due to the presence of different meters and indicators. Threaded ball valves get connected via threaded connections, helping users ensure effective gas transmission.

Threaded Ball Valves - Instrumentacion RG