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Modutrol IV servo motors

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Modutrol IV Motors are spring return and non-spring return motors used to control dampers and valves.

  • M62xx models are three-wire floating control motors for use with controllers that provide a switched spdt or floating output and have an internal electrically isolated feedback potentiometer that provides indication of the motor shaft position.
  • M72xx models accept a current or voltage signal from an electronic controller to position the motor shaft to any point between open and closed.
  • M91xx and M94xx models use a 135Ohm modulating proportional signal to position the motor shaft to any point between open and closed.
  • Modutrol IV motors are used for damper and valve control in industrial burner applications and air handling installations.
  • Approvals
  • CE, UL, FM, CSA, Gost, AGA, Apave
  • Protection class IP54
  • Weather protection kit is available as accessory to upgrade to IP64

Ambient temperature -40 … 66 oC
Maximum humidity 85 %rh

  • Screw terminals are standard.
  • Adapter bracket for matching shaft height of older motors (ModIII) is available.
  • Most models have field adjustable stroke (90 to 160).
  • Die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Two adjustable internal SPDT auxiliary switches are factory mounted.
  • Dual shaft ends for normally open or normally closed valve or damper application. Both shaft ends offer the same torque rating.

Input voltage

  • Default: 24 Vac
  • Via optional built-in transformer: 24/120/230 Vac
  • Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

End switches 2
Function Normally Closed
Additional description

  • Modutrol motor timings are independant of line frequency.
  • Torque ratings for dual-ended shaft motors are the sum of the shaft torques (power-end torque plus auxiliary-end torque).
  • Breakaway torque is the maximum torque available to overcome occasional large loads such as a seized damper or valve. The breakaway torque is 1.5x the normal rated torque.
  • Other models than listed in this catalogue are available outside Europe. Most models can be replaced by the available European models.

Modutrol IV servo motors - Instrumentacion RG