6WPS Series Pressure Switch - Instrumentacion RG


6WPS Series Pressure Switch

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Descripción del Producto

Description & Features:

• Constructed using a rugged cast aluminum housing (NEMA 4X and 12) that incorporates Winters’ standard accurate switching mechanism actuated by a diaphragm
• Housing can be specified watertight or explosion proof and large enough to accommodate up to 4 full size SPDT electric switches
• Electric switches are available in a variety of configurations including adjustable switch differential (dead band), DPDT, high-low operation, manual reset
• Many switching configurations can be supplied with electric switches that have low switch differentials (dead band), high direct current ratings, gold contacts, hermetically sealed contacts
• Standard pressure-sensing element uses a strong Buna N elastomer diaphragm. Other diaphragm materials are available
• 1 year warranty


• Multiple tank or pump controls and those requiring alarm systems

6WPS Series Pressure Switch - Instrumentacion RG