2WPS Series Pressure Switch - Instrumentacion RG


2WPS Series Pressure Switch

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Description & Features:

• Can be supplied with 1 SPDT electric switch or 2 SPDT electric switches that are independently adjusted
• Can be supplied with no housing or enclosed in a rugged die cast NEMA 4X, 12 and 13 housing. With the cover of the enclosure removed, the terminals of the electric switch(es) and pressure adjustment(s) are exposed for easy wiring and adjustment of the pressure setting
• Field adjustable set points
• Diecast cover is equipped with captive stainless steel screws that retain the cover gasket when the cover is removed. A useful feature of the single switch enclosed model is a calibrated pressure adjustment that aligns with a numerical pressure indicating scale showing the set point range
• 1 year warranty


• Common applications include: tank and compressor level and precision control, hydraulic systems, pumping controls and hazardous area lift station controls

2WPS Series Pressure Switch - Instrumentacion RG