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TCF Temperature sensor

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Descripción del Producto

The sensor is designed to be used for temperature measurements in for example district heating and cooling systems, where high reliability and accuracy is needed.

Technical data

  • The sensor has extreme short thermal response time.
  • The new connection head is very spacious for easy connection of the wires.
  • It is designed for 2- or 4-wires connection.
  • The temperature sensor consists of a Pt 100 measuring element surrounded by a small metal cap.
  • The probe is made of polymer plastic, which also works as a thermal insulator.
  • The pocket has the standardised R 1/2 ” external connection thread. and is made of stainless steel to be suited for most applications.
  • The sensors are delivered paired to a difference of less than 0.05 °C. The median value of our production and final inspection is 0.02 °C.
  • The cable entry in the connection head is dimensioned for max. 9 mm cable.

TCF Temperature sensor - Instrumentacion RG