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MBT 5310, Temperature sensors

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The MBT 5310 is a marine approved temperature sensor specially designed for measuring bearing temperatures. To get a very short reaction time the measuring element is placed on a silver plate in the tip of the sensor, which results in a reaction time of down to t0,5 = 0,5 sec. in water.
The sensor is fitted with an adjustable bayonet coupling and a spring, which ensures metallic contact between bearing and sensor at all times.
This temperature sensor is based on a standardized Pt100 element, which gives a reliable and accurate measurement.

  • Insertion length adjustable from 60 to 300 mm
  • Up to +200 °C media temperatures
  • Pt100 resistance element
  • Extremely short reaction time
  • Available with all relevant marine approvals

MBT 5310, Temperature sensors - Instrumentacion RG