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67C Series High-Pressure Regulators

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67C Series is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed high-pressure regulators that meets a variety of applications in liquid or vapor service. The compact body design makes the 67C Series particularly useful in installations with space limitations.

The basic 67C Series regulator comes equipped with a wrench or handwheel adjustment (67CW or 67CH Series). The highly accurate 67CD Series eliminates the need for a pressure gauge on portable applications by using calibrated scales on the spring case, allowing visual adjustment of outlet pressure. The non-adjustable 67CN Series provides a tamper-resistant spring case and one of three fixed setpoints: 10, 15, or 20 psi / 0,69; 1,0; or 1,4 bar.

67C Series carries an UL listing as a high pressure, non-relief regulator. This series contains brass materials that are not compatible with anhydrous ammonia service.

67C Series High-Pressure Regulators - Instrumentacion RG